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If you are looking for a dealership in which you can trust to help you find the affordable financing you want for your next vehicle, trust Ford St-Basile. Our financial advisors are always there to help you find the financing or rental plan that suits you best, and even to help you choose between the two.

Easy, Affordable, and Enjoyable Financing for Your Ford Vehicle in Saint-Basile-Le-Grand

When you have chosen your new or used Ford vehicle from Ford St-Basile, our team of financial advisors will meet with you to find the financing or leasing plan that's right for you. We will take the time to listen to you, answer your questions, and help you find the best financing solution. We will show you every option available to you and everything will be explained to you in detail.

You will then be able to make an informed decision without hurry and always in a pleasant and stress-free environment. We also offer 2nd and 3rd chance credit financing when you purchase one of our high-quality used vehicles. At Ford St-Basile, we understand that credit problems are not always your fault and that they should not stop you from buying the used vehicle you want. At Ford St-Basile, we are here to help you when the time comes to finance your new vehicle.

Insurance and Protection Plans at Competitive Prices at Ford St-Basile

At Ford St-Basile, we can offer you protection plans, extended warranties, and insurance plans in addition to our Ford financing and rental products. Our additional financial products will be explained to you in detail by our team of competent sales representatives so that you can decide whether one of the plans meets your needs.

To learn more about our affordable financing and leasing plans, contact us today! You can also apply for financing online to save time!

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    At Ford St-Basile, we help you get the financing you want despite your credit problems. Our team of 2nd and 3rd chance credit specialists knows that credit problems are not always your fault and they want to help you find the financing you need to buy the used vehicle you are looking for.

    Honest and Helpful 2nd Chance Credit Financing Solutions at Ford St-Basile

    The 2nd chance credit financing department at Ford St-Basile offers tailor-made financing solutions for your budget. There are no surprises and no hidden fees either. Everything will be explained in detail to enable you to make the right decision and most importantly, help you put your finances back on track.

    The all-new Ford St-Basile wants to help you buy the used vehicle you need at a price that fits your budget. By doing so, you will be able to meet your payments and your credit will gradually get better.

    Come and discover our second chance financing opportunities today at Ford St-Basile!

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    At Ford St-Basile, we want to help our customers not only find the new Ford vehicle that is perfectly suited to their situation but also help them make tough decisions, such as choosing between financing and leasing. Each option has many advantages, but whichever one suits you best depends on how you intend to use your new vehicle.


    Choosing Between Financing and Leasing: Ford St-Basile Can Help You

    To help you choose between financing and leasing, we start by making sure that we understand your needs. We ask you the right questions to find out more about how you plan to use your Ford vehicle. By knowing how many kilometers you will be traveling annually, or how long you plan to keep your vehicle, we are able to find out whether leasing is right for you, or whether it is best to finance and purchase your new Ford vehicle.

    Come and meet us today at Ford St-Basile so we can help you find the financing solution that's right for you!

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